10 August 2012

Share and Cowshare Alike

Last week while I was grilling, my neighbor came walking up the drive with a bag and presented me with freezer packs of a variety of beef cuts; a filet tip, a t-bone, burger patties, and ground beef. I often give them a variety of the beautiful vegetables from my weekly CSA delivery, particularly when I have more than we need. He returned the favor by giving us this wonderful selection of local grass-fed beef from his own co-op program, Philly Cowshare.

Tonight, I cubed the filet tip and barely pan seared the delicate bits of meat in butter, garlic, dried red pepper flakes. After setting them aside, I sauteed some small local tomatoes in the juices and made a sauce. Off the heat, I added cubed feta, which is also fresh and local, and basil from the garden. Served with jasmine basil rice, it was the perfect meal. By the time I was done, the oncoming storm had made the sky too dark to take a decent photo of the finished meal.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds delicious. We bought burgers from them at the Philly Farm event. They have excellent beef. Nice neighbor!


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