09 July 2012

The Dog Bell

Some people remove the outlet covers to paint. I remove nearly everything. The doorbell did not escape this round of painting the living room. It was a rather generic chime with a large plastic cover. Definitely not original to the house, although the brass button on the porch may be. The chime had to go.

I became obsessed with putting something back that was a little more dignified and period perfect. After a few trips to big box stores and searching online, I stumbled upon a traditional english buzzer bell at the Roxborough hardware store. While they still do manufacture these bells, I suspect this one had been there on the shelf for many, many years. It was just shy of $10.

I mounted it to a maple plaque, painted to match the walls, and wired it in place. When it first rang, Truman's feet came entirely off the floor in surprise. He couldn't seem to grasp this new noise. I realized this purchase was a 2-for-1 win. The dogs haven't realized it's the doorbell yet. While the bell may be quite loud, the dogs are still quite quiet.


  1. Wonderful! I love that old hardware store in Rox. At least I hope it's still the same one from years ago when I lived out that way. Actually I love any old hardware store.

  2. The tiny hardware story closed within the last year. The True Value, which is also a great store in my book, is still open and going strong. It's amazing that they have some very hard to find items in there and also can locate them at the drop of a hat. That's not the case at homo-depot!

  3. I love this! i am currently cruising the web for ideas on how to update my doorbell and this is my favorite so far. I also LOVE your decor style! Do you have a house tour on your blog? I would love to see more.

  4. I love the print on the "Pale Oak" wall...where can I order one?

  5. I love your paint colors - What is the darker paint color called in the dining area?


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