06 September 2011

Island Special: Woody's Eatery Chincoteague

The casual atmosphere that follows beach culture seems to encourage most to toss quality to the wayside, and beach-town food is notoriously disappointing. When we stumbled upon Woody's Beach Barbeque in this one-horse (many pony) town, I thought it was just another ramshackle food stand. It didn't take me long to realize this joint was run by a serious food lover. We ordered two crab cake platters and assumed a seat underneath the pines at a tree-stump table to wait for the food. The crab cakes were a half pound of simply delicious local crab meat with sides of slaw, homemade crab mac-n-cheese and a killer cocktail sauce. The key lime cup was heavenly, complete with a biodegradable eco-spoon. Woody's proves that casual can be carefully considered. Even the mosquitoes enjoyed their meal.

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