28 August 2011

The Kind of Life I Want Forver - Memories of Provincetown

A Satisfactory Life

Harry Kemp, "The Vagabond Poet of Provincetown," 1883-1960

The sun, the wind, the moon; stars, birds, breasts about me;
O, this is the kind of life I want forever:
Thought by geographies; all details of pettniness
Erased by bright dune days,--
Days of good, new dawns; never-fogotten sunsets;
Nights when the sky is high as God with stars;
Times of the halcyon on brooding seas
Where joyous porpoises roll and prank like clowns.
My shack standing in the middle
Of all this, in the midmost
Of the leagues of sand, of the long,rolling leagues,
Next door to heaven andclose on the gates of sunset,
The opening of dawn;
I've got what few have,
I've got the life I want! 

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