16 August 2011

Deviled Chicken Salad Sandwiches with Fried Green Tomatoes

"Deviled" is not just for eggs. Historically, it refers to the use of a spicy or strong flavored ingredient, such as horseradish or mustard, in the preparation. In this case, a modest spoonful of dijon mustard is added to the roasted chicken salad along with the mayonnaise for its sharp flavor. Paired with the slightly tart and yeasty flavor of the fried green tomatoes, this sandwich offers a surprising combination of flavors that's nothing short of amazing. If I had a lunch cart near the shore, I could sell these all day long.

To make the fried green tomatoes, simply dip sliced tomatoes in a beaten egg followed by a mixture of white flour seasoned with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Saute in a shallow bath of olive oil for approximately 2-3 minutes each side. Set aside on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.


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