12 July 2011

Linden Hill Gardens

A garden center is a great place to escape and feel inspired, even if you don't have a garden yourself. Linden Hill Gardens in Ottsville, PA, is at the top of the list of great garden centers in the region. Stunning displays of native, deer-resistant and unusual varieties are a clear focus, and you can see the specimens both for sale and in active plantings around the grounds surrounding the historic stone barn.

The owner, Jerry Fritz, is a pleasant and knowledgeable landscape designer (with a clear passion for the colors chartreuse and purple) who has made special appearances on The Martha Stewart Show and published a book focused on the landscaping that is demonstrated at his Bucks County garden, Lessons from Linden Hill: Design Tips and Planning Pointers. Both the book, and the gardens, are worth a closer look.

Going back to the Falls: mostly purple.

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