07 June 2011

Much of a Good Thing

The first delivery of our summer vegetable share with Red Earth Farm arrived today. On the porch of a small row home in the Fairmount area of the city were stacks of waxed corrugated cardboard boxes, one of which was bearing my name along with the share designations: share size, fruit and cheese. The box was packed full of spring greens including a massive head of scalloped lettuce, bagged mesclun, baby bok choy, scallions, chard and the garlic scapes shown here along with fresh local feta cheese in brine and a block of herbed  white cheddar. The package was still damp with soaked newspaper to cradle the lettuce and even a little bit of mud, which reminded me of the amount of care and toil that goes into actually producing these fresh vegetables. If the scapes and are any indication of what's to come, I suspect the summer will be full of fodder for the camera and the crew.

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