18 May 2011

Veal Chops with Leek Sauce

Veal is definitely not an everyday meal at our house, but these chops were a special treat. These grass-fed veal from a new flagship Whole Foods store just stood out in the case amongst all of the beautiful meats and sausages. I had no intention of buying chops, but they looked fresh and were very generously sized at nearly a pound each. 

I pan roasted them 2-3 minutes each side on the stove top with canola oil (a neutral flavor) before moving the pan to the oven for 8 minutes at 400 degrees to cook them to medium rare. I served them over a sauce of fresh chopped leeks, sweated in a little butter and some chicken stock, with sides of goat-cheese baked turnips and some sauteed spinach. It was the type of meal you'd only expect at a very fine steakhouse on a special occasion and made an ordinary Sunday feel like a special occasion.

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