03 May 2011

Essentials: Great Soap

There are a few simple pleasures in life that are worth a splurge, and, in our house, great soap and natural cleaning products are definitely one of them. We particularly like the fresh smells of mint or citrus soaps that leave you, or the house, smelling more like a spring garden than a chemical lab. Try lemon verbena, lavender or geranium household products from the Mrs. Meyer's line.

My new favorite find, though, is the coffee-mint soap from Saipua (Finnish for "soap"), an olive-oil bar soap handmade in Brooklyn (shown here from Terrain) complete with exfoliating coffee grounds. Saipua soaps are crafted in small batches using food grade vegetable oils, shea butter and naturally scented oils. This particular soap is sharp and fresh with a slight heat sensation created by this mint oils. Enjoy getting clean.


  1. Nothing is better than cleansing with all natural citrus or herbal soaps. I would love to try today's essential. Since I love coffee ice cream, and mint in my iced tea, I think it's a must have. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The other day at the hippie market SF purchased a round bar of unlabeled oatmeal soap. It smells divine... so good I get hungry for cookies while in the shower. So far, this is its only drawback!


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