14 April 2011

Great Dane

The Kevi chair was designed by Danish architect Jørgen Rasmussen and twin brother Ib in 1958. Jørgen Rasmusen developed the double wheel for swiwel chairs, which is being used all over the world today.

I have seen the odd Kevi chair at auctions over the years, but recently found a stash of these for sale at a great price, all of which came out of a single estate. The chair shown is an early production, approximately 1965. It has a base made of a solid steel rod milled with a groove and four flat bars welded to the wheel spindles. Later models have a cast base and a rounded backrest that sacrifice the simple, crisp lines of this early production. Both this chair and its electric blue cousin (I couldn't bare the idea of splitting them up) are marked Kevi Copenhagen and bear the bright, original, enamel finishes on both metal and wood. This object is mostly about form and color, so it may not be perfectly ergonomic, but it's going to make a great prop.

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